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Welcome to the newly designed site, which promises new content, new articles and new psychic jokes. I am Companion Wulf, which is the pen name that I use for for most of my online and offline work, including my written materials. The wife and I usually work together in the spiritual, psychic, parapsychological and metaphysical realms.

6 Mar 2009: Inspired Inkpot Blog Messed Up!
Hotlinkfiles, which hosted the images for the Inspired Inkpot blog has deleted all folders. This means that the images have been replaced by their untidy textual banner and the blog is a total mess now. I will be uploading the images to a different host and deleting my Hotlinksfiles account rather than having to deal with it again (this is the second time this has happened). By next month, the blog should be up and running again, with a few new entries.

15 Feb 2009: Important Announcement
To reflect LivePerson's commission free increase from 43% to 50% (62% if additional per-minute connection fees are also calculated), I was initially going to raise my per-minute price, but instead decided to keep it as is - in between $3.98 and $4.98 per minute. As a further reflection of my dedication to helping others - in whatever capacity they might need - there will be NO PER-MINUTE CHARGES on this site, but rather a simple standard fee structure for each service. And with the same quality care and attention to detail that regular clients at LivePerson have come to expect from me.

I will also be implementing an online store where ALL services and products are available for purchase, again at reduced rates and prices, to tailor to clients' and visitors' needs rather than avaricious business policies.
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8th March, 2009

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